Swivel sorter for parcels

Swivel Roller Sorter

Swivel Roller Sorter for Parcel and Carton Market

Axiom developed the SW (Swivel Wheel) Sorter to provide a reliable solution for parcel and carton carrying and sortation.

Each sortation module consists of several rows of rollers; each row can be independently turned from the centre position to either left or right.

Unlike many similar swivel roller models, the rollers don't lift up and down when sorting. This reduces the stresses involved both on the product and the equipment.

swivel sorterswivel sorterswivel sorter

Improved Speed and Accuracy

As the rollers don't lift and lower, there is constant drive between the product and the roller, allowing the product to be steered into the out-feed, rather than 'tossed'. Typically this sorter is capable of sorting up to 200 products per minute at a nominal product length of 500mm.