. Donington Park Track Day Surprise For Engineering Manager | Axiom GB

10 year celebration for our Engineering Manager

To celebrate Sandy’s 10 years at Axiom we surprised him with a Ron Haslam Premier Experience day at Donington Park.

Sandy thought it was a normal working day,  he was asked to stop at Donington Park to collect some bits, Sandy soon realised on his arrival this was not going to be a normal day.

His wife and family and Axiom staff had all arrived earlier with his gear and was waiting to surprise him.

His day begin with an in depth briefing in the classroom to describe the circuit and how best to approach your sessions including information about track position, the circuit line and vision.

His group then headed out onto the Donington Park Grand Prix circuit for three track sessions, with de-briefs between with the speed picking up through the course as his skills developed.

Sandy’s word’s at the end of the day:

” Can’t thank you enough for a totally awesome surprise. You got me big time, I was for once speechless, thank you again this will stay with me for a long long time ”


Axiom engineering manager at Donington Park track day



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