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How to increase your productivity with an industrial conveyor

- By Axiom GB

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An industrial conveyor is the centre of any effective materials handling system. Its major operational function is to provide a safe and reliable method of product transportation, reducing the requirement to manually handle products – traditionally a very labour intensive process.

Modern modular conveyors are flexible, they can be customised to move products swiftly and efficiently down the line to the next process, whilst freeing up employees to work on other, more productive, tasks.

Choosing the right conveyor

One of the first considerations when selecting a conveyor is product specification and load information. It is essential to examine the product type, weight, shape, dimensions, load throughput data and accumulation requirements.

You need to consider the product footprint – the section of the load that will be in contact with the conveyor, together with the orientation of the product on the conveyor.

Other important factors include the number and variety of conveyor infeeds and outfeeds that will be required. Will elevations be necessary?

It is only once these factors have been established that you can choose the industrial conveyor that will be most cost effective for the specific transportation tasks in your facility.

The right conveyor will be determined by your particular product and load application, however making the decision to partner with a reputable supplier eases the selection process and provides you with instant access to a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Save energy with intelligent controls

Make sure that your chosen supplier can provide you with the most up-to-date control technology. This will not only allow you to get maximum performance from your conveyor, but also to enable it to interface effectively with your existing machinery. Fully automating a materials handling system has been proven to significantly increase both accuracy and productivity.

Modern conveyors are versatile with centralised speed controls which allow the velocity of each separate conveyor zone to be individually controlled.

Look to the future

Imagine how your business might expand over the next five to ten years and how your materials handling needs may differ in the future. Plan ahead with your chosen industrial conveyor provider to ensure that the system you select today will handle any potential changes of product or predicted growth in throughput capacity over the coming years.

Axiom GB has spent many years developing their own range of belt and roller conveyors as well as ancillary equipment. This enables the company to build a complete solution around a core product concept that will be designed, engineered and configured to your unique requirements. Each conveyor is built at Axiom’s Tamworth factory and fully tested there before being delivered to site for installation.

To save energy, Axiom has manufactured an automatic ‘sleep’ function when there are no products on the conveyor, reducing running costs.

If you’d like to talk to an expert regarding your conveyor requirements, give Matthew Nickson at Axiom a call on 01827 61212.