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Material handling conveyors, sortation systems & logistics automation

Axiom is a specialist designer, manufacturer, installer and maintenance provider for sortation systems, conveyors and mechanical handling systems.

Our solutions are tailored to meet your specific criteria. Our design team will sit down with you to thrash out the project in detail. This will ensure you get the handling systems to achieve your logistics automation goals.

What our customers say...

  • Tamar Foods

    "Axiom has been brilliant from day one. Everything from the design down to testing and commissioning has been done in a very professional manner and the attention to detail is outstanding."
    Steve Towsey, Project Engineer, Tamar Foods

  • Cinram Iberia

    "The level of support we receive from Axiom is superb. Whether it is for general maintenance, a specific problem or a substantial enhancement to the equipment, they always give us first class service."
    Luis Fernandez-Pita, Managing Director, Cinram Iberia

  • Vodafone

    "Axiom gave us a feeling of confidence that they knew exactly what they were doing and how they were going to deliver the end result we were looking for"
    James Hodgetts, Programme Manager, Unipart Technology Logistics

Sortation Systems

Axiom has developed a range of sorter solutions designed to work across a wide variety of product profiles. You can choose from our own off-the-shelf and engineered equipment or third party products to create your turnkey solutions.

Conveyor Systems

Old conveyor equipment is often unreliable, energy hungry and therefore expensive to run. To transform your productivity, our engineers will design, build and install a bespoke solution which is efficient and comes complete with control systems.

Logistics Automation

In recent times, e-commerce has placed very different demands on warehousing and dispatch operations. With delivery expectations of 24hrs or less, the productivity of dispatch operations is vital to the success of a business. The introduction of automation into the processes can significantly reduce costs, increase service levels and reduce the footprint of this vital operation.

At Axiom, we have designed and engineered a fully automated ‘click ‘n collect' system to handle single order items. Product can be scanned in, married up with paperwork and accessories before being bagged, boxed, labelled and sorted automatically.

Click 'n Collect system for Vodafone at Unipart Technology Logistics

Labelling Systems

Whether you need large shipping labels applied to consistently sized products or labels for random sized products applied at very high speeds, we offer a range of machines capable of applying almost any type of label.

Our machines are based on an industry standard print engine with Axiom's own print
head assembly and application arms to provide a reliable solution.

History of Axiom – Leading edge technology with traditional family values

Axiom was formed in 1999 by John, Andrew and Matthew Nickson to bring together its controls and mechanical handling businesses.

John Nickson has spent most of his working life delivering mechanical handling solutions to the food industry and is a specialist in high speed conveying. Prior to establishing his own business, he headed up the UK operation of a European conveyor company.

Matthew Nickson gained his considerable experience working first for a UK based mechanical handling company and then for IIS, a motion control hardware and system supplier in the USA.

The third member of the senior team, Andrew Nickson, spent five years working in the conveyor industry supplying control systems to a leading UK manufacturer.

"As a team, we have a wealth of experience," explains Matthew Nickson. He continues, "Using this knowledge, our goal was to deliver complete automated materials handling solutions that we could engineer and be proud of. What's more, with our skill set we believed we could do a better job than the competition.

"The first commission for the company was at Unifix where we delivered a complete mechanical handling system and warehouse management package.

"Our initial strategy was to buy products from suppliers within the industry and integrate them to build bespoke solutions for customers. It soon became obvious, however, that this approach wasn't perfect and on more than one occasion we ended up designing our own products to fit the bill.

"The initial success of our own brand solutions encouraged us to take control and design and manufacture the majority of the equipment we use."

Since taking the decision to design its own products Axiom has developed a range of successful equipment including:

  • Pop-Up Roller Sorter
  • Own range of roller conveyor
  • Swivel Wheel Sorter
  • Own range of belt conveyor
  • Sliding Shoe Sorter – The ONLY functional UK manufactured solution
  • Transfers, pushers, roller bends, etc.

"Axiom's approach has focused single-mindedly on providing first class customer service and support. This concentration has given us an incredibly solid foundation and if you ask any of our customers, they will say we do a good job.

"This strategy has led to steady rather than meteoric growth, but it has consistently delivered results. As a consequence, we are proud that our client portfolio includes a number of blue chip customers who rely heavily on our solutions."

Here is just a selection of the solutions that Axiom has successfully installed...

  • If you're a Vodafone customer and order a handset from them, it's more than likely it will have been handled over our system which you can read about here...
  • If you're an EE customer and have purchased a handset recently in store, it was our systems that got them there.
  • If you purchase anything from Lakeland our automation is 100% responsible for is delivery to your door or the store. Click here for the full story...
  • If you purchase a single item from JD Williams, Simply Be, FigLeaves or Jacamo, there is a high likelihood that the item has been packed automatically with an Axiom inline bagging system.
  • If you purchase clothing or general merchandising from ASDA for Click ‘n Collect or home delivery, our system has probably packed and dispatched it. This case study explains how...
  • Purchase anything from Superdrug and an Axiom sorter dispatched it. Watch the video here...

Matthew Nickson concludes,

"We are really proud of the results we have achieved with a small team of dedicated people. Our expert designers, engineers, installation and service teams work tirelessly to ensure each and every one of our clients is delivered a solution that we can all be 100% confident will achieve what is expected and perhaps, even more."

Openness, honesty and trust are watchwords for our business.

  • Lakeland

    "We have a great working relationship with Axiom, they are both fair and transparent in the way they do business and that makes for a very trustworthy partnership."
    Mike Gannon, Mail Order Operations Manager, Lakeland

  • Asda Stores

    "Our productivity has moved on massively – we process twice as much volume as before in the same amount of footage"
    Nathan Bower, Senior Engineer, Asda Stores Ltd

  • PMS International Group

    "By significantly improving accuracy, the system has provided massive cost savings and also helped to improve satisfaction for our customers."
    Neil Beverley, Operations Director PMS International Group

Axiom’s automated solution increases productivity for Lakeland

Lakeland, the UK’s leading kitchenware company offers over 4,000 different lines through its 57 high street stores across the UK and a thriving mail order business where thousands of products are picked and packed each day for the worldwide market.

Mike Gannon is Lakeland’s mail order operations manager and he was tasked with overseeing a major automation project. He comments, "Historically the packing process has always been very labour intensive. Each day we’d receive pallet loads of 7 or 8 different sized boxes. The packers would have to select the appropriate sized box, make it up, fill it with product and void paper, tape it shut and then apply an address label.

"As the company has grown, manual packing was becoming too time consuming to be cost effective. Therefore a decision was taken to automate our entire packing system."

"As the company has grown, manual packing was becoming too time consuming to be cost effective. Therefore a decision was taken to automate our entire packing system."

Axiom offered the best solution at a cost effective price in what was a very fair and open process against other experts in the automated field. The project included fitting the new mechanised packing system into the tight confines of the building, integrating the new solution with the B+ packaging machines and completing the work in a tight timescale without interrupting Lakeland’s order processing.

"Approximately 75% of our orders go through the automated route," concludes Gannon, "these orders can be processed at the rate of 44 per person per hour, an 80% increase in productivity compared to the orders that still have to be packed manually – at the rate of just 24 per person per hour. If a new solution can save you 40 to 60 seconds on each order you pack and you are processing over a million a year, that’s a significant saving.

"We’ve also reduced the amount we spend on cardboard because we are now making up boxes from flat pieces of board rather than buying a more expensive, pre-made box and we’ve been able to reduce the amount of void fill paper we use by two thirds.

Another important benefit is the presentation of the box to the customer, which is superb, exceeding all of our expectations. It’s the right size box for their products and it’s easy to open via a tear off strip.

Additionally the reduced cubic capacity of the parcel means that we have increased the trailer fill from 1400 parcels to closer to 1800 parcels again, a significant improvement.