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Sortation at Cambridge Assessment

Automated sortation for increased throughput, processing speeds and accuracy

The increasing demands of the e-commerce industry are placing an enormous strain on retailers. Supply chains are facing immense pressure to meet delivery demands, with some even requiring same day despatch. In order to meet these ever shorter deadlines, the supply chain has to advance its processes. One proven method for speeding up tasks, such […]

Bespoke automated solutions

Bespoke automated solutions for your specific materials handling challenges

No two materials handling challenges are the same. Most companies have specific issues and simply selecting from standard product ranges cannot solve these issues. To further complicate matters, customers do not know what products they need or which supplier they should turn to. It’s really useful, therefore, to find a partner who really understands your […]

The benefits of partnering with a UK based materials handling supplier

Buying British – the benefits of partnering with a UK based materials handling supplier

When choosing a materials handling supplier, there are many economic, social and environmental benefits to partnering with a UK based company. Selecting a materials handling supplier like Axiom GB, a company based in Tamworth, means that you will not only enjoy the benefits of buying British, but you will also be taking advantage of using […]

Out of Eden

Axiom GB increases mail order throughput for Out of Eden

Axiom GB has designed and installed an 18 metre long roller conveyor system alongside 18 packing benches for Out of Eden. Based in Cumbria, Out of Eden is a specialist supplier of hospitality products through mail order deliveries. With a need to increase throughput and efficiencies during the order picking and despatch process, Out of […]

Order Fulfilment

Cost effective strategies for order fulfilment

Today there are more individual packages being sorted and shipped than ever before in the history of distribution. Retailers constantly compete to deliver goods to our doorsteps, complete and undamaged, within ever shortening lead-times. Keeping pace with the order fulfilment processes required to facilitate these growing customer demands leads to operational difficulties and rising costs. […]

Five simple solutions to raise warehouse productivity

Five simple solutions to raise warehouse productivity

Maximising the productivity of your warehouse in a cost effective manner requires a thorough analysis of your current situation and a systematic approach to change. It is well worth the effort because a productive and efficient warehouse is also a profitable one with satisfied customers and motivated staff working in comfortable and safe conditions. 1. […]

JD Williams - Automation

E-commerce – how to combat shrinking order lead times

Today we live in an ‘I want it and I want it now’ e-commerce world and it is showing no signs of slowing down. Order lead times continue to shrink and having an excellent product to bring to market is no longer a guarantee of future sales. Potential customers are constantly bombarded with online opportunities […]

industrial conveyor

How to increase your productivity with an industrial conveyor

An industrial conveyor is the centre of any effective materials handling system. Its major operational function is to provide a safe and reliable method of product transportation, reducing the requirement to manually handle products – traditionally a very labour intensive process. Modern modular conveyors are flexible, they can be customised to move products swiftly and […]


A simple guide to the complex world of automatic sorters

What is a sorter and why do I need one? If your supply chain is coming under increasing pressure to operate even faster and more accurately, then a sortation solution could be the answer to your predicament. An automatic sorter is a cost effective way of sorting and separating high volumes of products into divert […]

Order Fulfilment - Axiom GB

Keeping the customer satisfied – fast, error-free order fulfilment

It is almost impossible to entirely eliminate all fulfilment errors, but there are a number of simple procedures and practices that you can use to minimise them to an acceptable level. Keep track of technology Controlling and administering the operation of a warehouse or distribution centre is a complex business. Investing in a modern Warehouse […]