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Reaping the benefits of 3D printing with Axiom GB

Bridging the gap between machined and injection moulded parts, 3D printers have transformed the way industry works. The ability to produce three dimensional solid objects from a 3D digital file has become a mainstream manufacturing process with extensive benefits for the automated materials handling market. Keeping ahead of the competition, Axiom GB has recently invested […]

Axiom GB - Food Industry Automation

Automation in the food industry

We all need to eat so the food industry is the one industry that we cannot do without. It’s also the one industry that’s guaranteed to grow year on year and the one industry that is rapidly turning to automation to improve productivity and reduce costs. Whether it is food storage, food processing, food packaging […]

Axiom GB - Provider of automated solutions

Why is it wise to choose a family-run business as your automated solution provider?

So you’re in the market for an automated system for your distribution centre, how can you narrow down your selection process? There are many companies to choose from and naturally reputation and expertise are vitally important but have you considered checking out the ownership structure? There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that it would be […]

ISO 27001

Does your materials handling supplier have ISO 27001- the top information security management certification?

As cyber-attacks become more numerous it has never been more important to eliminate or minimise the risk of a security breach that could have severe legal or business continuity implications. What does achieving ISO 27001 mean? This prestigious stamp of best practice achieved recently by Axiom GB proves that the company has implemented an information […]

conveyor system - AXIOM GB

Is it time to replace your old conveyor system? 4 key reasons for change – our checklist for success

A good quality conveyor system which is well maintained is going to last a long time, but is your conveyor system becoming increasingly unreliable, and you feel it’s time to upgrade? There are obvious signs that are powerful indicators that it’s time to move on, that your antiquated system is costing your business too much […]

Box Packaging

Boxing clever for a greener packaging solution

There’s no doubting the benefits of installing an automated packaging line into your ecommerce distribution facility. A well designed, quality packaging system ticks all the right boxes in terms of improved productivity, order accuracy and reduced costs. However in today’s increasingly environmentally friendly world, it’s also vitally important to consider how you can keep your […]

Global materials handling equipment market value over US$ 50 billion by 2024

Recently published industrial market information from The Insight Partners* has shown that the automated materials handling equipment market is experiencing huge growth around the globe. Valued at US$ 28.6 billion in 2017, the forecast growth for the world market is estimated to be        US$ 51.2 billion by 2025. This astounding increase is […]

How to check that you’ve chosen the right automated solution provider

How to check that you’ve chosen the right automated solution provider

You’re in the market for an automated system for your facility and you’ve done your research so you believe the company you’ve selected stands up to scrutiny. Before you sign on the dotted line, however, take a few moments to double-check that you’re making the right decision.   Are you sure they are financially viable? […]

pick, pack, sortation and dispatch

Increase productivity by automating pick, pack, sortation and dispatch processes

Customers are turning to e-commerce more than ever. Statistics show that consumers are favouring instant shopping experiences using mobile devices or voice search. It is estimated that purchases made on smartphones are set to increase to 50 per cent by 2020*. In addition to this, 50 per cent of all searches online will be voice […]

Sortation at Cambridge Assessment

Automated sortation for increased throughput, processing speeds and accuracy

The increasing demands of the e-commerce industry are placing an enormous strain on retailers. Supply chains are facing immense pressure to meet delivery demands, with some even requiring same day despatch. In order to meet these ever shorter deadlines, the supply chain has to advance its processes. One proven method for speeding up tasks, such […]