Axiom Mechanical Handling Case Study

Axiom’s automated folding container handling line for Ford Motor Company

In a quest to increase productivity Ford installed an automatic container handling system at its Cologne plant that supports production of the Fiesta range.

The containers (known as FLCs) are used to supply parts to the assembly lines and once emptied, are returned to an area for processing before returning to the suppliers for replenishing. The containers are returned to the processing area often partially full of packing materials which have to be disposed of.

Axiom was awarded with the contract to design and manufacture a totally bespoke machine system to automatically remove the waste, fold the collapsible sides in the correct sequence, fit a dust cover and stack the containers ready for loading onto trucks. To complicate matters there was a need to handle both large full height as well as half height containers at random.

Key Benefits

  • Bespoke handling system
  • Designed and engineered exclusively for Ford by Axiom
  • Complex automation system complete with robotic systems
  • Tipping systems
  • Folding systems
  • Lid fitting systems
  • Stacking systems
  • Turnkey solution