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Axiom’s automated conveyor solution increases productivity for Lakeland

“Historically the packing process has always been very labour intensive. Each day we’d receive pallet loads of 7 or 8 different sized boxes. The packers would have to select the appropriate sized box, make it up, fill it with product and void paper, tape it shut and then apply an address label. As the company grew, this manual packing was becoming too time-consuming to be cost effective.

“Axiom’s automated solution takes up a smaller footprint than our old manual system. It was always our intention to leave space to expand our picking operation in the future by the addition of another picking aisle, Axiom’s design not only left us the vital space to be able to do this, but also offered the best solution at a cost effective price in what was a very fair and open process against other experts in the automated field.

“Approximately 75% of our orders go through the automated route, these orders can be processed at the rate of 44 per person per hour, an 80% increase in productivity compared to the orders that still have to be packed manually – at the rate of just 24 per person per hour. If a new solution can save you 40 to 60 seconds on each order you pack and you are processing over a million a year, that’s a significant saving.”

Mike Gannon
Mail Order Operations Manager Lakeland

Key Benefits

  • Significant increase in productivity
  • 40-60 seconds saved per order – Cost effective
  • Fully automated system – increased accuracy
  • Reduced cubic capacity of parcels
  • Increased parcel load per trailer – 1400 to 1800
  • Smaller footprint – vital room to expand
  • Fully integrates with existing equipment

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