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Axiom’s automated software solution provides cost savings at PMS

Automated software solution provides cost savings at PMS

Neil Beverley, Operations Director of the PMS International Group, was tasked with lowering the operational costs of the business by improving picking performance. His choice of partner was Axiom GB, with its solution to the problem – a new order processing system which introduced ‘wave’ picking of goods.

The Axiom system automatically breaks down order components, constantly updating the list of items that are being picked, whilst maintaining the integrity of individual orders. By operating in this way the amount of walking time for operators is reduced and the number of locations visited during a shift is lowered.

“The Axiom system checks that the correct goods are loaded onto vehicles in the right order for delivery. By significantly improving accuracy, the system has provided massive cost savings and also helped to improve satisfaction for our customers.”

Neil Beverley, Operations Director PMS International Group

Key Benefits

  • High picking efficiency
  • Automatic product/customer identification
  • Eliminates dispatch/shipping errors
  • 1400 cartons handled per hour
  • Reduced staffing requirements
  • Accurate picking/shipping records
  • Unique carton identification

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