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High Speed Print, Apply and Sortation Line

High specification automatic print , apply and sortation line – 20 sortation bins

  • Automated loading systems
  • High speed conveying and merging
  • Automatic barcode scanning
  • Product measurement systems
  • Random print and apply
  • Automatic label only
  • 20 destination sortation system
  • 120 products per minute

Deluxe Video Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Rank Group plc, the world’s leading home entertainment specialist. With operations throughout North America and Europe, Deluxe Video serves an international base of entertainment industry customers including Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers International Television, 20th Century Fox International, Sony Pictures and Columbia Tri-Star Home Entertainment.

To ensure that it’s labelling and distribution operations achieved the same high standards as its products, Deluxe Video called upon Axiom’s proven experience and technical expertise to supply and install a state-of-the-art sorting and labelling solution for the company’s video and DVD manufacturing operation in Offenburg, Germany.

The main elements of the innovative machinery design incorporate a tailored version of Axiom’s newly-launched Series 25 sorter together with a revolutionary high speed, variable height label applicator.

This ‘intelligent’ label applicator fixes labels onto videos and DVDs at an incredible rate of 120 per minute, with two units each applying one label per second. In addition to this high speed capability, the applicator is fitted with a unique height-seeking applicator head that, in a random product throughput, detects the height and positioning requirement for the next item’s label in a fraction of a second. The device instantly passes this data to the applicator, which affixes each label precisely where required.

This means that a mix of products of assorted heights and dimensions can be consigned to the conveyor totally randomly – from a 10mm thick DVD to a 130mm thick pack of videos – and exit the system at high speed, emerging correctly labelled, sorted and, importantly, undamaged.

The new Series 25 sorter is a research and development triumph. Not only capable of accommodating different sized products – from credit card size up to cartons and boxes weighing 30kg – it can also be easily configured to suit an almost limitless range of different applications. Unmatched versatility by the sorter’s innovative, modular design enables it to be assembled to meet any application or specification requirements.

This versatility was a significant factor in Deluxe Video’s decision to opt for the Axiom installation. Mr. Jeff Nelson, Director Distribution Operations Development for Deluxe Video, comments: “Axiom’s system has completely revolutionised our Offenburg operation. The sorter element alone provides greater flexibility and speed but, combined with the height sensitive labeller, our productivity and cost-effectiveness have increased almost immeasurably.”

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