High Throughput Sorting System | Sliding Shoe Sorter

British manufactured sliding shoe sorter for DDC a distribution division of leading Romanian book publisher, RTC

“Previously we labelled and sorted our books manually, but increased business meant that it was necessary to invest in an automated system which could reliably deal with the greater volume of books that we now need to process and distribute.

“We investigated a number of potential suppliers in Germany, Poland and the UK and awarded the contract to Axiom because we were impressed by the performance capability of their recently launched, SS4 sliding shoe sorter.

“Our new sorter is fully operational and we are able to label and sort a much larger quantity of books than we could before, up to 6,000 per hour. This has greatly improved our level of service; increasing accuracy and significantly reducing the time it takes to process the books through the plant.”

Irina Iordache
Director General DDC

Key Benefits

  • 70% cost saving on cross belt equivalent
  • 4” aluminium slats for high speed sortation
  • 6,000 books per hour
  • 20 destination bins
  • Reduced staffing requirements
  • Variable height label applicator
  • Unique item identification
  • Accurate labelling and sortation

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