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Axiom sortation system doubles capacity at Game Group distribution centre

Sortation system at GAME Group distribution center.

We chose to invest in an Axiom system because its pop-up sorter is quite a small machine for its capacity; it uses straightforward technology and has a simple construction.

“This is advantageous in a number of ways: It’s an easy sorter to get to grips with in terms of learning how to use and maintain it; there are not a lot of mechanical parts that can go wrong and, as it has a small footprint, the layout was ideal for our operational space.

“Obviously price was important too and the system is very cost effective.”

Adam Myer – Head of Distribution Centre Operations GAME Group

Key Benefits

  • 216 destination bins
  • 20,000 products per hour
  • 6 induct feeders
  • 100 products per feeder
  • Accurate sortation
  • Time-saving
  • Ergonomically designed chutes
  • Simple, reliable technology

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