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Inline Packing Systems – Axiom GB

Inline Packing Systems – the need for speed

In the last few years the demand for packaged goods has skyrocketed. This demand has been driven partly by the phenomenal acceleration in internet shopping and partly by the global increased taste for the speed and convenience of packaged foods. Combined with the requirement from consumers to bring product to the market in rapid time, […]


Axiom GB - Automated

How to check that you’ve chosen the right automated solution provider

You’re in the market for an automated system for your facility and you’ve done your research so you believe the company you’ve selected stands up to scrutiny. Before you sign on the dotted line, however, take a few moments to double-check that you’re making the right decision.   Are you sure they are financially viable? […]


pick, pack, sortation and dispatch

Increase productivity by automating pick, pack, sortation and dispatch processes

Customers are turning to e-commerce more than ever. Statistics show that consumers are favouring instant shopping experiences using mobile devices or voice search. It is estimated that purchases made on smartphones are set to increase to 50 per cent by 2020*. In addition to this, 50 per cent of all searches online will be voice […]


The latest solutions from Axiom GB

Axiom has experience in designing and developing click ‘n’collect solutions for online retailers. Solution includes an in line bagging solution for Unipart Technology Logistics/Vodafone where the automated line increased throughput by tenfold. Since that installation, Axiom has adapted the system design to automatically process a whole range of products. Recently, Axiom has installed six lines for a […]