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E-commerce – how to combat shrinking order lead times

Today we live in an ‘I want it and I want it now’ e-commerce world and it is showing no signs of slowing down. Order lead times continue to shrink and having an excellent product to bring to market is no longer a guarantee of future sales. Potential customers are constantly bombarded with online opportunities […]


Axiom GB - order fulfilment

Keeping the customer satisfied – fast, error-free order fulfilment

It is almost impossible to entirely eliminate all fulfilment errors, but there are a number of simple procedures and practices that you can use to minimise them to an acceptable level. Keep track of technology Controlling and administering the operation of a warehouse or distribution centre is a complex business. Investing in a modern Warehouse […]


The latest solutions from Axiom GB

Axiom has experience in designing and developing click ‘n’collect solutions for online retailers. Solution includes an in line bagging solution for Unipart Technology Logistics/Vodafone where the automated line increased throughput by tenfold. Since that installation, Axiom has adapted the system design to automatically process a whole range of products. Recently, Axiom has installed six lines for a […]