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3D printing

Reaping the benefits of 3D printing with Axiom GB

Bridging the gap between machined and injection moulded parts, 3D printers have transformed the way industry works. The ability to produce three dimensional solid objects from a 3D digital file has become a mainstream manufacturing process with extensive benefits for the automated materials handling market. Keeping ahead of the competition, Axiom GB has recently invested […]


Axiom - Automated

Why is it wise to choose a family-run business as your automated solution provider?

So you’re in the market for an automated system for your distribution centre, how can you narrow down your selection process? There are many companies to choose from and naturally reputation and expertise are vitally important but have you considered checking out the ownership structure? There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that it would be […]


Axiom GB - Packaging

Boxing clever for a greener packaging solution

There’s no doubting the benefits of installing an automated packaging line into your ecommerce distribution facility. A well designed, quality packaging system ticks all the right boxes in terms of improved productivity, order accuracy and reduced costs. However in today’s increasingly environmentally friendly world, it’s also vitally important to consider how you can keep your […]


pick, pack, sortation and dispatch

Increase productivity by automating pick, pack, sortation and dispatch processes

Customers are turning to e-commerce more than ever. Statistics show that consumers are favouring instant shopping experiences using mobile devices or voice search. It is estimated that purchases made on smartphones are set to increase to 50 per cent by 2020*. In addition to this, 50 per cent of all searches online will be voice […]


Axiom GB - sortation

Automated sortation for increased throughput, processing speeds and accuracy

The increasing demands of the e-commerce industry are placing an enormous strain on retailers. Supply chains are facing immense pressure to meet delivery demands, with some even requiring same day despatch. In order to meet these ever shorter deadlines, the supply chain has to advance its processes. One proven method for speeding up tasks, such […]


Axiom GB - Out Of Eden

Axiom GB increases mail order throughput for Out of Eden

Axiom GB has designed and installed an 18 metre long roller conveyor system alongside 18 packing benches for Out of Eden. Based in Cumbria, Out of Eden is a specialist supplier of hospitality products through mail order deliveries. With a need to increase throughput and efficiencies during the order picking and despatch process, Out of […]


Axiom GB - fulfilment

Cost effective strategies for order fulfilment

Today there are more individual packages being sorted and shipped than ever before in the history of distribution. Retailers constantly compete to deliver goods to our doorsteps, complete and undamaged, within ever shortening lead-times. Keeping pace with the order fulfilment processes required to facilitate these growing customer demands leads to operational difficulties and rising costs. […]


Five simple solutions to raise warehouse productivity

Maximising the productivity of your warehouse in a cost effective manner requires a thorough analysis of your current situation and a systematic approach to change. It is well worth the effort because a productive and efficient warehouse is also a profitable one with satisfied customers and motivated staff working in comfortable and safe conditions. 1. […]


Axiom GB - industrial conveyor

How to increase your productivity with an industrial conveyor

An industrial conveyor is the centre of any effective materials handling system. Its major operational function is to provide a safe and reliable method of product transportation, reducing the requirement to manually handle products – traditionally a very labour intensive process. Modern modular conveyors are flexible, they can be customised to move products swiftly and […]


Automation for pick, pack, sortation and dispatch – A 10 point check list

1. Strategy Ensure that automation fits in with your company’s strategic business plan – Have you clearly defined your reasons for automating? 2. Buy-in Consult your fellow directors/partners to make sure everyone is on board with the decision – Determine the amount of money you are prepared to invest and your timeframe 3. Ownership Appoint […]


Axiom’s Director takes part in Velo Birmingham

On Sunday 24th September one of Axiom’s owners took part in the Velo Birmingham 100 mile bike ride. Matthew Nickson who only started bike riding a couple of years ago completed the riding time in 6 hours 56 minutes, a brilliant achievement. When the ride was over Matthew said he had never done anything like […]


10 year celebration for our Engineering Manager

To celebrate Sandy’s 10 years at Axiom we surprised him with a Ron Haslam Premier Experience day at Donington Park. Sandy thought it was a normal working day,  he was asked to stop at Donington Park to collect some bits, Sandy soon realised on his arrival this was not going to be a normal day. […]


First Export to the USA

Axiom has exported a 50 destination sorter and stacker system to the USA The stacking system has 6 stacking positions at the end of a CD and DVD sorter. The stacking system will stack the product to a predetermined height, the solution must remember what has been added to the stack so that this can […]


New Installation for Cambridge Assessment, we have installed a goods-in sortation system for the onwards dispatch of examination materials

Our new installation at Cambridge Assessment is now up and running. Cambridge Assessment operates and manages the University’s three exam boards, from setting and creating the assessment through to marking and issuing results. The Group Print & Operations’ processes include the printing, packaging, distribution, returns and onwards post-exam operations for 8 million learners in over […]


Christmas Charity Donation

Axiom GB donated £7,000 to St Giles Hospice, £1,500 to Alzheimers Society and £1,500 to Cancer research over the Christmas period. This was instead of sending gifts and cards to suppliers and customers. The directors at Axiom wanted to support their local hospice St Giles and the Axiom staff voted to help Cancer research and Alzheimers Society. […]


Axiom GB works along side Clipper at Asda

Axiom GB has installed an Automated packing and dispatch solution for Asda. The system was installed in September and has now doubled throughput for Asda’s online orders for George.com homeware. Clipper Logistics are one of Asda’s key partners and are running the system at their Nottingham facility. The system uses 3 different size boxes, these […]


Are you looking to reduce costs and increase productivity?

Here are 8 reasons why customers tell Axiom GB they prefer to work with us:   1. Expertise – We have more than 17 years experience specialising in Conveyor and Material Handling Solutions.  Our team have spent most of they’re working lives designing and delivering Mechanical Handling Systems.  We have designed and built a fully automated ‘click […]


Axiom GB spent a day at JD Williams to video and take photos of Axiom’s new installation

The system is an automated packing inline solution at its facility in Shaw, Lancashire. The new system has allowed JD Williams to increase its throughput of single item orders by 20 percent over its original manual packing operation. The fully automated system enables specific marketing literature to be married up with each relevant order, advice notes […]


Donation to Tamworth Wellbeing Cancer Support Centre

Axiom GB wanted to make a donation towards this wonderful charity in honour of Amanda Cockle. Today Andrew and Matthew Nickson, owners of Axiom GB, along with Robert Cockle, Amanda’s husband, gave Paula the centre manager a cheque for £2,000 Tamworth Wellbeing Cancer Support Centre is a registered charity helping to support people affected by […]


Axiom and Voith work together

Axiom’s system and software engineering team, are at Voith’s new Production and Sequencing Centre in Coventry. Implementing a software solution to control and monitor automated wheel assembly building and sequencing for a range of Voith’s customers, including Jaguar and Landrover.