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Crates moving on conveyor at Tamar Foods

Need a reliable conveyor system?

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Cost effective case, carton, parcel, tote or pallet conveyor systems

Is your existing conveyor system noisy and unreliable?

Old conveyor systems cost your business money. They are often unreliable, causing interruption to production; they consume excessive amounts of energy and demand high maintenance to minimise downtime.

Gain significant cost savings and improve productivity

At Axiom, we design and build our own conveyor solutions which are energy efficient (they can be designed to ’go to sleep’ when there are no products on the conveyors), extremely reliable and low maintenance.

Our engineers will design control systems for your conveyor system to get the absolute maximum performance from the system and deliver your exact needs. Whether it’s for cases, cartons, parcels, totes or pallets, we can design, build and install a solution which will boost your productivity.

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